Insurance Issues – Civil War – Part II

Finally, when dealing with the character and scale of the conflict, was it necessary for each faction to hold a specific portion of territory? Probably not. although it was certainly a factor to take into account together with:


- the number of combatants;


- the number of casualties, military and civilian;


- the amount and nature of the armaments deployed;


- the relative sizes of the territory occupied by the opposing sides;


- the extent to which it is possible to delineate the territories as occupied;


- the degree to which the populace as a whole is involved in the conflict;


- the duration and degree of continuity of the conflict;


- the extent to which public order and the administration of justice have been impaired;


- the degree of interruption to public service and private life;

whether there had been movement of population as a result of the conflict; and


- the extent to which each faction purports to exercise exclusive legislative administrative and judicial powers over the territory which it controls.


Did, therefore, the circumstances existing in January 1976 at Lebanon amount to a civil war?


The court decided that no faction was engaged in a struggle to seize power by violence as at that date. Partition was not a live political issue and the institutions of state were not under violent attack.


There was not a concerted effort to change the constitution by force, and therefore civil war did not exist in its more traditional sense.


Adopting the extended view of civil war, was there in existence “sides” engaged in a struggle between themselves to change the manner in which the state exercised its power? It was not possible to identify specific factions. There were loose alliances of various groups, and the circumstances pointed more towards anarchy than civil war. In particular, there was a lack of control by the political leaders for each alliance or grouping over what actually happened at street level. The fighting was sporadic and, for the most part, unexplainable. Therefore, by January 1976 civil war could not as yet be identified in Beirut.



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Using The Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies

When searching for the cheapest auto insurance companies, there are various considerations that you will need to be aware of. Never sign a contract until you are clear that you have found the best deal in terms of cost and features. Fortunately, choosing an insurer has become easier over the last few years thanks to the information available through the net. Now when your policy is up for renewal you can go online from the comfort of your own home, as opposed to spending an afternoon visiting various brokers in person.

If you were to agree to the terms and conditions of the first insurer you deal with, it is unlikely that you will be given the best deal that is currently available. If you want to save yourself hundreds of dollars from the annual cost of the policy, you will need to contact between five and ten different firms.

A quick search online should provide you with the details of a number of low cost insurers. When you believe you have identified a plan that is right for your needs and your budget, take a moment to check out the history and background of the company.

There would be no use in signing up for a new premium only to find out at a later date that the company is less than willing to pay out if you make a claim. This would be an incredibly frustrating situation and one that can be done away with by discovering how other consumers feel about the insurers. There are plenty of online resources that should allow you to have a clear picture on whether or not the company fulfils their obligations.

Customer service is another area than can often be lacking if you were to opt for the cheapest provider. For this reason, it can be useful to discuss your needs in person over the phone with an agent, as opposed to doing all your correspondence online. If the agent seems unfriendly, and not so forthcoming with information, take your money elsewhere.

Be slightly cautious if you come across insurance firms that you have never heard of before, and especially if they only operate online. Choosing an unknown or unproven company is a risky activity and one that may not place you in a good position should you need to make a claim. It is preferable to sign up with a broker that has been in the trade for at least three years, as they should be able to provide a service that is acceptable.

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Insurance Quote – Getting an Auto Insurance Quote

Getting an auto insurance quote online is a great system. One that will be in a position to have at least the payment of the amount of your policy if you’re in the right direction. It is not always a business that will make you feel the least expensive. Sometimes the larger companies can give you some fantastic deals on auto insurance.

- Insurance Quote

The best way to use the auto insurance quote system is to comparison shop. Get a company that will provide youwith an offer for its political cost, as well as several other companies. When you pull up an offer like this does not automatically on the dollar amounts, you do indeed pay to concentrate. First you need to make a few changes.

The adjustments that you need to make is concerned with the length of the policy and the deductible, which were set up. You must ensure that all quotes are to be built, enter the same decisions about these things. All measures should be run for the sameLength of time, and the deductible dollar amount should be equal.

- Insurance Quote

If these amounts is the same it is a way to equal out everything offered to them. Now you have the down payment and monthly payments that will be different. This is comparable to, if you are really the companies themselves. Making everything look the same, except those fees to who the best offer.

You can always make adjustments once you’ve found the best cost. You can depositIn many cases, the adjustment of payments you every month. Some companies give you different payment options as well. By example, 10 instead of 12 payments, or vice versa.

These are two ways you can change the amount that you have to pay each month is correct. Of course, the other that you can do that is by adjusting your deductible amount. It is true, the higher your deductible, the cheaper your policy is a total set

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Insurance And Family Values

In the majority of health plans offered to employees of cities and states, benefits are payable to dependents. There’s an interesting federal case working its way through the court system at present. It arises from El Paso where a radical Christian organization managed to get an ordinance approved by the voters in the last election. As background, this organization thinks homosexuality is an abomination but, instead of openly framing the ordinance to target gays, the wording was designed up uphold “traditional family values”. Thus, health coverage was only to be made available to those employed by the city, their spouses and dependent children. So instead of penalizing a small number of gay partners, this swept up hundreds of individuals whether as seniors or grandchildren. State law actually has provisions to protect the elderly who are dependent and those who have retired. Nevertheless, the city felt it was obliged by the ordinance to refuse benefits to anyone not an actual employee, a spouse or their dependent children. This sparked a very public argument between the city and the religious organization promoting the ordinance, but the organization refused to amend the wording or to assist the city in drafting a different version of the wording to limit its scope. For some reason, the religious leaders thought their intention clear in the wording and attacked the city as perverse in reading it as affecting hundreds of “other” people.

When warning notices terminating cover were sent out to some local judges, the President of the Police Association and other influential individuals, there was an immediate reaction in filing this case. A federal judge has now issued an injunction to restrain the city from implementing the ordinance pending a full hearing. The city, of course, has not defended the ordinance. It is on record as believing the wording of the ordinance to be discriminatory. Curiously, when the religious organisation tried to file a brief to support the ordinance, the judge ruled it had no standing to be a party. It will, however, be allowed to present arguments as a “friend of the court”.

What it all boils down to is a simple test. To be enforceable, the ordinance must fulfill a genuine public purpose, particularly because this will force the city to break the contract with the health insurer. It should be said that if the voters thought they were saving the city money and were reducing the deficit, the ordinance could deliver a legitimate public benefit except the city’s deficit is not that bad.

Putting this into a broader context, many cities are now finding themselves in similar difficulties with family values being used as an overall justification for cutting benefits to those not formally married. The Christian Right is on the march. So, when it comes to city health insurance plans, many equality groups are warming up proposals for the next round of elections. They are all aiming to outlaw any form of discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, and so on when it comes to all aspects of health insurance coverage. It could all be building to some interesting city elections particularly in the southern states.

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Best Car Insurance Deals For the Safety of Your Car

For many people, a car is more than a necessity and an important part of their lives. People love their cars just as they love their homes, and take the pains to maintain these prized assets. This is why getting the best car insurance is so important to safeguard and protect your car from possible future damage.

Looking for the best car insurance is certainly not a difficult job. If you know what you are looking for, and look in more than a few places you are sure to bump into the right deal. It could take you some time to find the right insurance, therefore it is a good idea to be patient and wait around for the perfect deal.

Owning a car is definitely an expensive affair, particularly when you consider the rising cost of fuel, maintenance costs, and other expenditures. There are many car owners looking for the best car insurance that does not hurt their budget. The first step towards finding the perfect auto insurance deal is to understand how the insurance market works and the details that go into making the policies. Once you are adequately equipped with sound knowledge of the auto insurance market, you are sure to have a clearer idea of what insurance policy would best fit into your requirements.

Getting the best car insurance need not burn a hole in your pocket, and you can find great deals on the internet. When you browse online for deals, you will find a wide array of choices to pick from. The best part about looking for an insurance deal online is that you get to choose and compare between different types of insurance policies available. Browsing online for the best car insurance also helps you save time, energy, and money as all that you need to see is available in one virtual platform.

The cost of your car insurance will depend on a number of factors- your location, profession, as well as your gender and your age. When it comes to your age and driving experience, the lesser it is, the more expensive your car’s insurance tends to be. If you also have had a history of negligent and rash driving, the cost will again be high. All these factors play an important role in molding the best car insurance policy that would fit into your lifestyle.

Another point to consider when looking for the ideal deal is that most insurance companies are ready to offer attractive rates to first time customers. It is also a great idea to keep checking for newer policies once every year so that you don’t miss out on the very best offers.

The way you maintain your car also influences the policy decisions of insurance companies. The more you take care of your car, the more confidence will insurance companies invest in you and thereby offer you a minimally priced car insurance quote. The best car insurance deals are right there for you to pick and choose from, making sure that your prized car has all the financial protection that it needs.

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