Deals Vs Duds: How to Identify Genuine Used Car Deals

Buying a used car is a smart move. A new car depreciates in value the moment it drives away from the dealership; a used car holds its’ value while also being less expensive. However, finding used car deals can be taxing. While new car customers focus on the brand or features of a vehicle, someone buying a used car needs to consider the purchase from more angles – the history of the car, the seller, the red/black book value, the mileage, the age of the car, etc. And depending on which feature the seller highlights, any used car can be considered a “deal.” So, how do you identify the genuine deals from the duds?

If you are looking for used car deals, you want the best product for the best price. This can be greatly impacted by where you are looking. Car sales lots are not always the best place to go. Most deals can be found in private sales. People sell their cars for any number of reasons – upgrading to a new car, a divorce or a moving sale, or downsizing. People who sell their vehicle privately are often eager to get their cash and move on with their lives. In other words, they can often be persuaded to part with the vehicle for less than it is worth because they are more motivated than a used car salesperson.

The other place to find great used car deals is car auctions. This is where individuals or businesses sell off their vehicles. Depending on the bidders, there is often limited competition and the vehicle goes to the highest bidder. This is a great way to purchase a quality product for less than its’ actual value.

The third consideration is that price should never be the only determining factor when buying a used car. Instead, the quality of the vehicle should guide your search. Buying a vehicle that is a high-end quality brand will obviously cost you more than last year’s low-end car. But the quality will pay off in the long run. Used car deals that emphasize price might be hiding something. You may think that you got a great deal until you spend thousands of dollars on repairs.

Finally, you can determine genuine used car deals based on basic outside expertise. It is commonplace to get an inspection done on the vehicle, receive a vehicle history report, and compare the price of the vehicle to its red/black book value. There is security in knowing that you are not alone in determining the value of the vehicle – used car experts will tell you if there are mechanical concerns or if the vehicle has been in an accident. Be sure to incorporate this information into your decision.

Used car deals can be defined in many ways. And anyone who is selling a car will tell you that they are offering a great deal. But genuine deals can only be found with a little research, focusing on quality rather than price, and looking in the right places.

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