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Wordpress Local Business Directory Build Plugin - Wplocalplus
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5 Common Sense Couponing Rules for The Sane Shopper

In these tough economic times, there’s nothing wrong with saving a buck here or there on the staples that keep you and your family comfortable. Couponing has been around for ages, but recently this money-saving practice has gained the national spotlight, which is causing a lot of people to want to learn how it’s done. There are dozens of how to couponing books, courses and websites that show eager consumers the abc’s of couponing.

On the surface, couponing seems pretty simple in that you find out where you can get your hands on coupons, then clip or print them out. Each week, the manufacturers of your favorite brands of perishable and non-perishable items offer coupons to lure you into the store to pick up an item you can save money on. And, at its core, saving money is what couponing is all about. When household budget’s are tight, it can be an exciting feeling when you save 30-75% off your grocery bill.

TV shows, books and seminars about extreme couponing have helped fuel the current coupon craze. Extreme couponing is for those who have the time and energy to collect and use coupons in a manner that saves them a ton of money at the check out counter. I’m sure you’ve heard about those people that show up at a store with their stack of coupons and shopping list, only to leave with a full cart while spending next to no out of pocket money.

While this is admirable, the average shopper simply wants to save a few dollars here and there by taking advantage of coupon savings. Sure, you want to save money on your regular shopping excursions, but you’re not looking to make couponing your life.

Here’s 5 Rules for Using Coupons Wisely:

Rule #1: Get Coupons for Things You Actually Use

Clipping coupons can be so much fun that sometimes people overdo it and choose coupons for products that they don’t normally use or need. Getting excited because something is on sale is not really going to save you money in the long run. What’s the point of buying a brand of cereal that no one in your family likes simply because there’s a $ 1.50 coupon?

Likewise, stocking up on a six-month’s supply of cake mix is excessive, and prevents you from using that money on other items that may be more practical. Before you clip that coupon, take a moment to think about how you’ll actually make use of this item.

Rule #2: Use Coupons When There is a Sale

You’ll get more “bang for your buck” with a coupon when that same item is also on sale at the local store. Check your store’s weekly flyers for special sales and then see if you can find a coupon for that item. If so, you’re in luck because you’re going to save twice as much money. Also, check to see if your store has a day when coupons are worth double their value.

Rule #3: Check Your Store’s Coupon Policy

Stores that accept coupons have various policies, and you can’t assume that you’ll be able to use your coupons in one store the same as another store. It’s a good idea to visit the store’s website and print out their coupon policy. Bring this with you whenever you visit that store to shop. This way, if there are any disputes or questions concerning your using a particular coupon, you can whip out their policy on the spot. Familiarize yourself with the policy and know ahead of time if there are certain restrictions on coupons.

Rule #4: Keep Coupons Organized

It’s important that you separate and organize your coupons neatly so that you can find them when needed. No use in having a bunch of coupons that are laying around in a big pile somewhere. Purchase a labeled index card file or a binder and put plastic baseball cardholders inside. This way, you’ll be able to see the actual coupon and the expiration date clearly. Also get a portable pouch that you can carry your coupons in when going to the store.

Rule #5: Be Vigilant at the Checkout Counter

Some checkout clerks are great when it comes to processing coupons, and others…not so much. Make sure you have handed the cashier all of your coupons and that each one has been properly scanned into the register. Sometimes a clerk will balk at accepting a certain coupon or refuse to accept all of your coupons on an item. This is where your knowledge about store policy comes in handy. Clerks can be wrong on occasion, so if you feel that your coupon should be accepted, don’t make a scene. Instead, calmly ask to speak to the store manager and show them your printed out store policy. The manager will check to see what is the correct coupon policy and hopefully things will be resolved in your favor.

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About Kleenex coupons

There are certain websites where Kleenex coupons can be found. These are printable coupons, which are able to be used in all stores dealing with the sale of Kleenex tissues. If use of these tissues is continued for a long period then you are sure to see a lot of savings since patience pays. There great products by Kleenex which are quite please. These are things like puffs Kleenex, In large households Kleenex could be a large part of their lives. They are very important to every household. At the times when there are changes in seasons these tissues could be very important since they can be used by those with colds and Flus as well as those with allergies to dust and pollen and other factors. During this period Kleenex tissues can be sort of expensive, so it will save a lot to be able to access Kleenex coupons to help out in these occasions.

The use of these during cold can prove to you that these Kleenex tissues are nose friendly. Having patience to look for the coupons that are best for you can be saving a lot with time. Being that most of the Kleenex coupons can only be redeemed once it would be a good idea to buy in bulk so as to feel the ease on the budget. Those that do not concern themselves with coupons are the ones that are not price conscious hence would not realize the magnitude of their miss through the use of these coupons. People who are keen prices know the values of using these coupons and would not miss a chance to use them for anything.

It takes some time and investing in research so as to be able to get these Kleenex coupons. With the high prices and rise in prices these coupons could put ease in your pocket. Your grocery bill can get a bit cheaper from these coupons. Since Kleenex has a variety of coupons for their various items. Choose the ones that favour your tastes and needs more.

During winter when there is lot of colds and with school going kids who often carry germs from it is vita to have a large supply of Kleenex tissues. Instead of using towels to wipe hands it is more hygienic to use Kleenex tissues since they can be thrown away after use as opposed to towels which are used by several people. They are more favourable since they are soft and friendly to the nose. They are also of high quality, which makes them to be more expensive than other tissues. They are able to get away with this due to their quality so Kleenex coupons can save better that having to buy at the original price which is usually high. By being registered with them you can also start getting email alerts through the internet to inform of any coupons that are available in the market.

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